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We provide global IT Solutions for all kind of software

We are always on the lookout to provide personalized strategies to each of our clients. Our team will tailor the most appropriate IT solutions that are at the forefront of the industry. We enjoy the reputation of being one of the advanced IT service providers in the world, that’s why we keep on updating and serving. 

We provide IT solutions like Web DevelopmentApp DevelopmentGame Development, Custom IOT Development, ERP Development, and Agile Software Development services, Big Data, and many more that operate to provide our clients with advanced and quality services.

Our philosophy

Infizius thrives on serving the most advanced services to our clients. We believe in good or nothing. We opt to break all defy norms. We're here to count out all the advanced and most practiced IT Solutions in the ever-changing business space.

Who we are?

A dedicated team of Designers, Developers, Marketers, Writers, all working under one roof to provide you quality service on time. Infizius enjoys offering every client the most reliable solution, which directs them to the next industry level.

IT solutions
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Different kinds of IT Solutions Infizius provides

App Development

We provide responsive and highly advanced mobile applications with superior projects that allow our businesses to stand out in today's volatile marketplace.

Web Development

We provide the accurate service for your demanded web application/static website/dynamic website. We believe in maintaining customers relationship.

Game Development

We deliver extensive solutions to improve your design, development, and market your game. We are highly skilled in 2D, 3D, multiplayer, casual games.

Graphic Design

We have a team of extremely talented and creative 2D/ 3D Designers. They make sure that all the graphics we create should be of high quality with world-class design.

IOT Development

We assist our clients in building smart gadgets, turning analog products into digital using sensors, firmware, IoT platforms, and building infrastructure (embedded, web, and mobile) for custom IoT solutions.

Desktop Application Development

We will plan, develop, and promote your desktop product, then see your ideas come to reality. We are great at .NET WPF, .NET UWP, and Electron JS.

Custom ERP Development

We have comprehensive ERP implementation experience, customizations, and alliances for strong ERP platforms that match your different business styles. Our developers use modern ERP software development strategies.

IT solutions & software development
IT Support

IT Support Company To Bring Your Success

Infizius is an end-to-end IT solutions provider company that blends knowledge, innovation, and flexibility for your success. Our IT solutions facilitate cloud services, enhance performances on-premise by managed IT services and offer constant onsite IT support. Here is what you should expect:

We provide remote and onsite support across the globe.

Our team has the required skills and knowledge to identify and eliminate IT-related risks before they grow as a big issue.

We analyze your requirements and facilitate a quick, reliable, and secure customized solution.

IT consultancy

Why Choose Infizius as an IT Consulting Company?

As your IT partner, we provide IT consultancy and IT solutions that support you in achieving a competitive edge in advanced technology essential for your business’s success.

In case of a security disaster or urgent demand for a software update, time plays an important role. We facilitate immediate services because the slow response and no response are the same for us.

We grasp a versatile strategy for our customer’s demands and be up to that. Our versatile services enable you to scale up and down according to your company’s growth and infrastructure.

If you don’t improve in this competing business system, you’re out of the competition. We support you at every step, assuring the stability and growth of your business.

Our company values and principles hold nobility and dedication. The worth quoted up-front would be final with no hidden prices.

IT solutions

Offering High-Quality KPO Services To Deliver Productivity and Economic Efficiency

KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) is data-driven knowledge outsourcing. It is not directly cost beneficial to any business, but high-grade KPO services can enhance the real business value.

Infizius offers a wide range of knowledge processing outsourcing services for businesses worldwide. We are recognized to present the most satisfying, cost-effective, and stable KPO services. With our substantial knowledge in IT consulting, Infizius is ideal for delivering your KPO requirements by obtaining synergies between all of our methods.

KPO services that we offer:


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Being Your IT partner, Infizius offers software solutions to get a competitive edge and reach your business goal.

Some Other Services We Provide

Data Analytics

Data analytics is not something very new. The increasing volume of data and high-level analytics technologies quickly provide the user with much more in-depth data insights. The insights that big data analytics services and modern technologies offer are more specific and more detailed.

API management

API management a method of documenting, creating, publishing, and analyzing APIs in a safe setting. An organization can ensure that both the public and private APIs they make are consumable and secure by an API management solution.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the wide-ranging part of computer science involved with creating smart robots capable of completing tasks that typically demand human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary ability with various approaches, but progress in machine learning and deep learning provides a practical standard change.

AR Development

Augmented Reality is a visual representation of digital content in a real-world setting. Virtual objects can be in various forms: images, videos, or interactive data. The Augmented Reality development sector is one of the most easily accessible to both customers and organizations. Mobile AR apps are developed on phone and tablet platforms with AR content visible on the screen as a hologram.

Machine Learning

With our AI & Machine Learning Consulting services, you can give personalized consumer experiences, automate your in-house processes, and complete solutions that will improve the way consumers associate with your product.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that brings the digital world into a real-world environment, where people can experience virtual reality by using VR headsets and gears. Virtual reality development can be used to create experiences for users to test products virtually, learn new things, or build something new. There are many social platforms for VR!


Our dedicated DevOps teams have gained impressive expertise in uniting development and operations for the decade using excellent DevOps technologies, Gradle, Jit, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. DevOps services we give to enjoy operating environments' resistance, decrease the development time, and get quicker feature delivery.

Enterprise Architecture

Our enterprise architecture services allow business design, enterprise architecture, and infrastructure architecture services that assist companies using digital change into an essential part of the organic ability.

Infrastructure Management

We provide IT Infrastructure Management Services to maintain and promote their production environments' appearance and availability with an agnostic approach using new technologies, methodologies, and tools.


As a leading IoT Development Company, we assist startups and companies in building smart devices and changing analog outputs into digital products with firmware, IoT programs, and sensors. Our custom IoT product developing team makes a web, mobile, and installed base for IoT products.

Mobility Services

Our Enterprise Mobility services allow the enterprise-wide and mobile-must change service that improves consumer experiences beyond all touchpoints. We support our client's fuel innovation of digital conversion imperatives like IoT, big data analytics, and increased ability to use enterprise mobility as a macro force.


ERP software development company to assist you to inline your enterprise goals and support planning with the latest technology. Reserve planning made more comfortable with solutions that can show all the details with the least rational invasion.

Process Automation

Business Process Automation software uses business controls and automatic tasks to implement processes that achieve a business goal. All exercises around these methods are followed and analyzed for capability.

Product Engineering

As a software product engineering company, we are dedicated to giving complete assistance and support to the users by controlling the product lifecycle from architecting product purpose to its feasibility testing, implementation, and passing ready-to-use products.

Product Lifecycle Management

As PLM service providers, we enhance development lifecycles by giving dedicated developers exercised technology and industry expertise with tools. We operate on cutting-edge PLM products to provide services and solutions beyond automotive, aerospace, hi-tech, retail, and life sciences verticals.

QA & Testing

Our team of software testing company & QA experts knows about various QA testing services like test robotization, performance testing, safety testing, and functional testing. Our professional approach through the SDLC will improve the product and project quality development experience.

Security and Risk Management

Our IT security management services assure complete protection of your applications, products, and support against cyber menaces. By reducing probable damages and implementing full control over secrecy and compliance, you can manage all your shared data, business intelligence, and other assets securely without risks.

Smart TV apps

Smart TV apps development is comparable to mobile but has various unusualnesses as TV application development platforms change in their nature. Designers can build games, media apps, utility apps, etc., using the frameworks and methods they utilize for mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.).


A chatbot is a computer-based program where users communicate with these tools utilizing a chat interface or voice, just like they would converse with a different person. As an AI chatbot development company, we have a team of chatbot developers create a chatbot or build automated assistants to change the way businesses communicate with consumers and provide computerized customer assistance and interactive activities through the chatbot platform.


Robotics is an integrative field that combines computer science and engineering. Robotics includes the design, development, performance, and usage of robots. As a robotics development company, we apply our great minds and the most advanced technologies such as synthetic ability and computer vision to create independent systems with haptics, pattern recognition, facial recognition, situational awareness, and navigation.

Big Data

Infizius, as a big data analytics company, encourage companies to get accurate consolidation, management, protection, and understanding of their business-aligned data with our big data analytics services. Moreover, to know their complicated business problems, we manage large and broader data sets, which are both structured & unstructured and fit absolutely with traditional data depositories.

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Cloud Architecture and Design

Cloud Management & Security

24×365 Virtualized Help Desk

Cloud Implementation

Backup Management

Managed IT Services

Continuous innovation is an essential demand of every business. Connect with Infizius for faster innovation and to stay secure with IT Managed Services.

Cloud Advisory Services

Remote Network Monitoring

Cloud Migration Services

Infrastructure support

Cloud Optimization Services


Infizius's Web & App Composing Process


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A detailed consultancy will be held in which we will be understating you requirements.


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Once we get your specifications, we will provide you managed IT services pricing with the solutions that fit your work.


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Once the deal is sealed, we will kickstart the development. We give special attention to each of the projects, for us each project is important.

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