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Gaming is an essential part of every age group and has a notable impression on almost all people of the 21st century. With the initiation of a wide variety of games, people have grown their interest in the gaming world. Every game has a separate logic, planning, knowledge, abilities needed to win it. Few games are only for entertainment. It doesn’t have any key to win.

As a game studio, Infizius is passionate about delivering quality products by utilizing development activities like researching, designing, and utilizing them to serve the end-users. We also offer maintenance solutions to all our customers by creating variations in their games whenever required. Whether it is PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, we have got you covered with the commitment of producing quality results. We ensure that after trusting our dedicated team, you won’t be regretting it.

Game Development Services We Offer

Mobile Game Development

The mobile game development company has been a frequently growing profession for approximately half a decade now. With a growing amount of mobile platforms and their capabilities, games have developed as an essential mobile device element.

Through Game Development, a developer should be aware of both the technical and non-technical perspectives. According to the mobile model, the developing team can choose the type, graphical specs, and additional elements. 

The procedures utilized for building and tactics used to design also change correspondingly. Infizius appears with high-quality mobile game development services. So if your company is working on developing games for the Android and iOS platforms from scratch, you can depend upon our assistance.

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Game Development

Desktop Game development

The desktop game is the longest-standing enterprise in the entire world of gaming applications and software. With improbable support for high-quality graphics and robust structure for running even the most complicated functionalities, PCs have been a significant revenue source for game investors.
To meet these incredible innovations, Infizius fulfills incredible 2D and 3D games for PCs. We build MMO (Massively multiplayer online) games and apps essential core elements with our combination of scalable architecture and networking servers. Our intermediary servers are optimized to give online excellence to people.
Our deeds cross various genres and have been played by many people. We have obtained significant activity with the whole development lifecycle, including pre-production, developing, soft-launch, optimization, launch, maintenance, and support.
Our game application developers have the knowledge and experience to develop games for all the frames. They build an engaging and wealthy gaming app that can enhance the choice of your users.

AR Application

The latest technologies are the basic need for the game industry. AR technology is a highly ambitious one to offer innovative IT services, especially for the gaming industry & every game development company wants to reach the desired level of achievement.
Augmented Reality (AR) is an associated experience of a real-world situation where computer-generated perceptual data improve the gadgets in the real world, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, and haptic. The Augmented Reality developing sector is one of the most readily accessible to both consumers and organizations.
Mobile AR apps are developed on phone and tablet programs with AR content visible on the screen as a hologram. AR apps have various practical applications, including marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical uses, data visualization, and location-based education.
Other services include entertainment, such as alternative reality games (ARGs), location-based MMOs, and interactive cinematic experiences. Augmented Reality has speedily authorized itself as a next-generation medium.

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Graphics design service, Game Development

VR Application

Virtual Reality (VR) is an assumed experience related to or quite different from the real world. The utilization of Virtual Reality includes entertainment (e.g., video games) and learning (e.g., medical or military training). Virtual Reality is a technology that brings the digital world into a real-world environment, where people can experience virtual reality by using VR headsets and gears.
To leave an impact on enthusiastic gamers, game development firms are looking for more interactive and unique technologies like VR (Virtual Reality). These technologies can build extremely engaging games and offers a unique experience to the players.
Virtual Reality development can create user experiences to test products virtually, learn new things, or build something new. There are many social platforms for VR! We provide multiple support in the field of your business functions, not only compared to virtual reality development.
As a known virtual reality developer, we will assist you in realizing different projects and unique ideas. VR development will enable you to build advanced solutions, and with our assistance, they will be at the highest level.

MR Game Development

MR (Mixed Reality) is a mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality. Basically, it integrates the real world and the virtual world. In MR, one can develop new environments and visualization where dynamic elements and digital elements synchronize in real-time.
Technically, MR includes all things that augmented reality covers but presents real objects into the experience. It is a mixture of tangible and implicit worlds to create concurrent surroundings and concepts where material and programmed things synchronize and cooperate in the current time. MR is managed with space sounding, surrounding input, and place. It is not limited to displays only.
Infizius encourages their customers to connect with products and brands by designing and creating MR games. Our Mixed Reality game specialists implement various gaming categories with the same quality and gamer engagement, such as augmented reality games, pervasive games, and location-based games.

Game Development
Game Development

Console Game Development

Despite mobile phones, tablet consoles, and various other devices, PC and desktop games are famous for gamers worldwide. Many people train themselves to play games for fun, amusement, and learning.

Games like a car race, Battle, Adventure, and brain exercise have given desktop players enormous joy and relaxation. The primary purposes of creating Desktop & PC games are to provide popularity and bring awareness to each user with an engagement on PC for their job.

Infizius develops amusing, enthralling games for PCs and desktops. Xbox and PlayStation can provide an exceptional user experience and consistent gaming occurrence to users. At Infizius, we aim to develop console games that give you precisely that what you actually want. Our game developers can mix the appropriate approach with the required skills and assure on-time delivery. 

Infizius Game Development Procedure

We make an accurate strategy for mobile game development. Our expert game developers understand your unique ideas and present you with prominent mobile games with magnificent graphics and astounding visual attraction. Our mobile game development process includes.

Essential Product Study

The team will communicate with you to know your specifications, needs, and the final outcome that you want to get. They will interact with you to outline primary features that you want to include in your game and develop a final design that suits to your requirements and budget.

Concept Design

Our in-house team of designers and UI professionals must prepare innovative and engaging game designs that suit your game anecdotes. They will make sure that every game looks different.


After receiving a green signal from the client-side, our developer starts developing and integrating processes to bring your idea into reality. They use various game engines and tools according to your project requirement.

Quality Test

Our advanced games experience proper performance testing to ensure every code is formulated correctly and provides a better user experience. The game is highly fit over several gaming platforms and devices for continuous entertainment.

Final Product Delivery

As our games give our strict quality test, we provide the deployment support with you or publish it on the particular app store, as per your demand.

Support & Maintenance

Content updates, maintenance, bug fixes, and game release support, support for marketing, launches, ad creation, app store optimization, etc.

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