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We provide all types of custom ERP software development solutions according to your business requirements with modern tools and technology.

ERP software development

ERP Software Development

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) relates to systems and software that plans and manages all the core supply chain, services, manufacturing, financial, and other organizational processes in real-time. It collects, maintains, and represents information from multiple enterprise activities. An ERP application offers reliable performance and project management that supports customer services, sales, CRM, planning, logistics, human resources, and more.

As a dedicated ERP software development company, we have comprehensive ERP implementation experience, customizations, and alliances for strong ERP platforms that match your different business styles. Our developers use modern ERP system development strategies, including SAP ERPEpicorDeltekOracle ERPMacolaSageMicrosoft Dynamics, and more. At Infizius, we offer the most suitable ERP development solutions that help manufacturing and trading companies in the SME sector adapt and automate business procedures.


A Process That Builds Efficient ERP Software

Infizius concentrates on all the stages of the development process to deliver a valuable ERP system.



Our team starts working with getting all the necessary information and requirements from you about your prospects and difficulties. By doing this, we can understand everything you expect and want from your software.


Plan & Design

Developing ERP software means following many effective components, such as current platform integration, data migration, infrastructure development, and continuous business. We formulate a complete design plan for every client's novel business terms.



After successfully designing the ERP system, we move towards the next step, which is development. Our dedicated and qualified team of software developers, a project manager, QA engineers, and a business analyst lead this step.


Delivery and Deployment

As we have done with the development process, our team handles the flowless integration of the system with the current business process, necessitated data migration, and training employees. Our team is always open for you before, after, and during deployment.


Support and Maintenance

As ERP systems are dynamic, we know our clients' business processes can modify any time. Infizius offers complete customer support and constant system upgrades.

Services We Offer In ERP Software Development

Custom ERP Development

We create custom functionality to off-the-shelf ERP software to satisfy your unique business model. We can automate workflows or Business Process Automation (BPM), solution corrections, integrate data imports and exports, and increase by building custom modules to design a platform that works smoothly for your business.

ERP Administration Services

We observe the back-end system functionality for bugs, potential improvements, and overall technical infrastructure assistance, troubleshoot system problems, give Help Desk support, Security administration, Database backup, maintain communication and maintenance schedules, and more.

ERP Configurations

We customize the ERP software development services with specific roles, fields, enhancement of interfaces, modifications, business intelligence, the addition of particular areas, and more configurations to assure each new role is optimized for a competing edge against other businesses.

Expert ERP Implementations

We fulfill your custom security, networks, servers, and data management solutions throughout your business with data integrity secured plus little or no downtime incited. Our developers offer the new platform to your business in a stable and cost-effective activity.

Tailor-made Solutions

We customize ERP solutions to build improved scalable, enterprise-wide ERP systems to automate critical methods and give essential data insights across on-premise, mobile, and web-based platforms giving real-time access to mission-critical data.

Flawless Data Migrations

Our experienced developers update a legacy system assuring data integrity when migrating legacy data, uniting raw data silos, improving the data support, and revealing the data landscape to gain the advantages of data modeling, data governance, and performance from a reliable data migration method.

Integration Services

We utilize the centralized structure of your preferred fully integrated business IT situation to assure your business's scalability by promoting real-time data automation between systems.

Data Warehouse

We edge your chosen resource planning central repository data warehousing systems to ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) the disparate information from different sources and set up various nodes for data aggregation.

Customize Dashboards

Our ERP services cover customizing your chosen Enterprise Resource Planning Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) layout and robust process platforms for decision support, executive dashboards, KPI tracking, performance scorecards, predictive analytics, and more.

Proficient ERP Consultants

We examine your current business requirements to know disparate systems' conflicts and formulate tactics to combine and migrate mission-critical ERP software into a united infrastructure.

Effectual Reporting

Our highly experienced developers program use reporting emphasizes for real-time doubts to yield data-intensive reports with data visualization of business purposes through many graph styles and charting.

ERP System Upgration

Our specialist developers implement upgrades to help older software applications to improve business and processes. We explain the system's current state, elements for an upgrade, any breaks that may need customization and testing to assure the improved version functions are craved.

We are open to all projects!

Let's talk about your ERP Software Development Project!

Infizius provides a broad range of ERP solutions secured with modern tools and technologies.

Why Infizius as your ERP software development company?

We share here some specific points that make us different than others in the market:

  • Personalized Consulting

When you reach us for an ERP application, we explain the development process in detail before proceeding. We understand your business needs and then develop a solution that would quickly fulfill your business objectives.

  • Qualified Team

Infizius’s ERP application developers are tech geeks who have comprehensive knowledge of the most modern tools and technologies in their zone. They use the newest technology to give solutions that provide you an edge from the market.

  • On-Time Delivery

We understand how essential it is for you to have a solution for your business. We ensure that your ERP application is delivered to you on time. Deploying products at the specified time is one of our USPs. We know the value of all products and deploy them on time.

  • Easy Customizations

We offer customized ERP software development services that are designed according to your business. We know the value of ERP solutions for any enterprise and give the best product that satisfies your business.

  • End to End Services

Infizius’s ERP development team gives end-to-end solutions developed from scratch. We have been in the business for a long and can provide custom solutions to meet your business needs.

ERP software development

Advantages of ERP Software Development

Store Complete Data in one place

ERP system enables you to collect all your data in one location, easing to keep it constant and up-to-date.

Process Automation

Utilizing Enterprise resource planning boosts your company's overall performance. The ERP system will help you reduce manual operations, easily manage data, and streamline enterprise methods.

Extensive Reporting

Every user of the system can easily generate customizable reports with ERP software development services. It will help you analyze data quicker than ever to make essential business decisions faster.

Consumer Service

ERP supports sales and consumer service to communicate more effectively with customers. It allows easy access to customer's information. A complete ERP system increases customer service quality.

Regulative Compliance

ERP software/system helps organizations better comply with regulations because it can be improved with compliance built-in.

Improved Security

Data security is essential, especially for a big & massive organization. With an ERP system, different access benefits can be given to different types of users. It increases data efficiency and compatibility and reduces data leakage threats.

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Update time would depend on goods utility and the innovations that we have added to the software. We do give after-deployment support and would update your goods as and when needed.

Yes. We suggest custom ERP Solutions that satisfy the requirements of your industry. Further, define what you want us to work on and other points you want to combine with the solution. Given the improvement time, you would have your ERP Solution deployed.

Our expert mobile app developers can give you intelligent mobile applications serving every platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Yes, we are an Education & eLearning app developing company giving custom Education & eLearning app development solutions to SMEs. We have worked with many startups and recognized their precise conditions.