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Our Objective

Infizius is building its sales network for IT & Digital Services for various Industries Sectors, all across India and Globally across 15 countries.
We are looking for Partners who can join Us for mutual benefits and become part of our exponential growth plans. 

Why to become our Partner?

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Be a Customer Champion

We’re always working to deliver great experiences to our customer through innovation. As partners, you can leverage knowledge & resources to develop meaningful connections with customer, understand their requirements & challenges & do what’s right for the customer & the company.

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Transparent Environment

We make insightful data-driven business decision that play our strengths. We work together to foster a collaborative, diverse ecosystem that is built on trust & respect. Our mission is to cultivate a happy, transparent business environment, which is an essential component of a successful, long-lasting business.

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Growth Mindset

We pursue ideas that help us achieve unmatched milestones. We find newer, better & quicker ways to work & invest in business decisions that maximize growth. By developing a growth mindset, our partner can leverage resources & the ecosystem to build stronger, deeper business relationship that set them on a path of unprecedented success. 

About Our Referral Partnership

Who Can Join Us?

Our referral partner program is open for any individual, a professional consultant, a freelancer, a sales professional, or an organization that can refer Infizius services to potential customers using various channels.

What are we Looking for?

Any individual or an organization that firmly believes in the capabilities of the Infizius team and is equally passionate about the work we do.

How can you Benefit?

Our lead referral program is designed in a way that there is a mutual benefit, and you are rewarded for showing confidence in us.

  • Attractive commission for each sale.
  • 4-hour training & support to take maximum benefit of our referral tools.
  • Banner to publish on your website or blog
  • Email Templates to refer Narola services to your contacts
  • Social Media Message Templates to refer Narola services to your contacts.
  • To deliver world-class products and services at competitive rates.
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How to Share a Lead with us?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to become a member of our “referral partner program.”
Fill out an application for a “Referral Partnership.” After we’ve verified and approved your application, you can suggest our services and earn a commission by selecting one of the options below.

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About Our Business Associate Partnership

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What do we expect in our Business Associate Partnership?

We promise you productivity and consistency throughout the partnership. Our partnership can be an organization that is a value-added reseller capable of comprehensively handling the leads right from its generation to gathering requirements, up to the final development & deployment of the solution as per the client’s requirements.

Prerequisites to form a Strategic Alliance as a Business Associate Partner:

  • Expertise in cloud products and client implementation.
  • A substantial Market presence and lead generation capabilities in your region.
  • Knowledge of Web & Mobile Application Development Life Cycle. Knowing a craft makes you better at understanding what the client wants.
  • Skills to understand customers need to filter irrelevant leads. You should be able to identify a quality lead from the jargon. A quality that is quite solicited in our sales partner.
  • Passion and confidence for Infizius Team capabilities. Being a partner is about having mutual trust and faith.

Sounds great! What do you need to do?

Fill out the application form & our team will contact you to discuss about partner program.